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Daniel Descalso has 5 regular-season home runs—and 2 postseason home runs

The St. Louis Cardinals' Daniel Descalso slugged .324 in 2012 and hit his second home run of the NLDS in Friday's clincher.

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

Daniel Descalso does not hit for power. Much of the time he doesn't hit at all; just .227 in 2012, 85 hits in 374 at-bats. He's got five career home runs across a little more than a full season-and-a-half of MLB play. On Friday, with the St. Louis Cardinals' season on the line, he drove in three runs, putting them within one on his second homer of the series and tying it an inning later with an RBI single laced through Ian Desmond's glove with two outs.

His heroics were overshadowed slightly by Pete Kozma's even-more-improbable game-winning effort, but Descalso put the Cardinals into position twice in a row, and he did it with a tool he last flashed with the Springfield Cardinals, where every left-handed hitter hit for power.

Altogether, that gives him a line for the NLDS that doesn't look much like it belongs to Daniel Descalso—.316/.333/.684, with a double, two home runs, and six RBI. I wouldn't expect him to be Vladimir Guerrero in the NLCS, but it certainly helped against the Washington Nationals. It may have also helped that Daniel Descalso is an ageless former World War II veteran.