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Blues Prospect Vladimir Tarasenko Concussed In Saturday's SKA St. Petersburg Game

This is exactly what every NHL fan fears when their teams' players head overseas. What happens if one of their players gets hurt? How is that handled? Will they get the medical care they need, and will they be playing with the team this (or whenever) season?

Unfortunately, the Blues will be dealing with that concerning Vladimir Tarasenko, one of the most anticipated prospects in recent memory. Tarasenko was concussed Saturday while playing in a game for SKA St. Petersburg, and according to that team's doctors, will be out a week. It's a concussion, though -- a week can turn into six months pretty easily. Props to the KHL for responding quickly, but this is still something that will be concerning the Blues and their fans until word comes out of Russia that Tarasenko is lacing up the skates again. Here's to a speedy, but safe, recovery for Tank.