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Sam Bradford solid vs. Dolphins, but can the St. Louis Rams score without Danny Amendola?

Sam Bradford had a big day against the Miami Dolphins, but can the St. Louis Rams get into the end zone without Danny Amendola?

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

Sam Bradford had his best statistical game since Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday, and it's the kind of performance any quarterback would love to have—26-for-39 with 315 yards and no turnovers. The problem: The St. Louis Rams lost, because neither Bradford's receivers nor their running backs could get into the end zone. Bradford scored their only touchdown of the afternoon, but he did it on the ground; he finished with four carries for 34 yards and a touchdown. That was his best running game ever, but that's not the kind of thing a quarterback like Bradford should be especially proud of.

Which leaves fans wondering: Can these guys score without Danny Amendola? Bradford's rushing touchdown was the Rams' first all year, and Amendola's two touchdowns in five weeks underestimate his importance to the offense; by getting out in front of Bradford as quickly as possible he limits this team's mistake-making.

Bradford did a great job most everywhere on the field Sunday, and it seems more likely than not that that will eventually lead to touchdowns; Brandon Gibson looked up to the task as a first option and Chris Givens continues to excel as a deep threat, and at some point Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson will probably score a touchdown.

But if you were worried about Amendola's injury before, Sunday gave you, at least temporarily, more reason to be terrified.