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Carlos Beltran injury: St. Louis star leaves Cardinals vs. Giants Game 3 in 2nd inning

Carlos Beltran injury speculation bubbled up out of Busch Stadium in the second inning of the St. Louis Cardinals' NLCS Game 3 vs. the San Francisco Giants, when the Cardinals' star right fielder was pulled from the game after grounding into a double play in the game's first inning. Beltran's hand, which has given him trouble for much of the season, was wrapped on Monday according to a tweet from Joe Strauss, who suggested he might have reaggravated it. Beltran tweeted at the time that—well, he tweeted this—

For what it's worth, Carlos Beltran is one of the more delightfully positive human beings on Twitter—he's like Rob Lowe on Parks and Recreation. In any case, the Cardinals are now without him for the rest of Wednesday's Game 3. In his place Mike Matheny sent designated caddy Matt Carpenter, who filled in for Beltran, Lance Berkman, David Freese, and Allen Craig at various moments in the 2012 season.

He's not really a right fielder, but he's a fine hitter, and the Cardinals' best bet for filling the offensive gap left by Beltran.