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Giants vs. Cardinals score update: Marco Scutaro helps Giants strike first in Game 3

The San Francisco Giants struck first in Game 3 of the NLCS vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, and Marco Scutaroinjured by a Game 2 takeout slide—was instrumental in their third-inning rally, hitting a double down the line that put runners on second and third with nobody out. Pablo Sandoval grounded out to drive in a run, but Kyle Lohse induced a double play to end the inning, leaving the Giants out of luck and the score at 1-0 through two-and-a-half innings.

Timely double play aside, Lohse has been less than stellar in his first start of the NLCS. In three innings he's allowed just the one run, but he's also thrown 57 pitches and walked three batters. The Cardinals need more out of their regular season ace, but he's running out of time to provide it.

Of course, that reads as good news, now: The Cardinals have gotten out of all those scrapes down just one run against Giants ace Matt Cain, who's allowed one hit—a ground-ball single to Yadier Molina—through two innings. If Lohse, and the Cardinals bullpen, can improve through the next six innings, they're still in a solid position to come back. Things could be much, much worse.