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David Backes No Longer Optimistic After Today's CBA Talks

Remember the story I wrote earlier today regarding how David Backes is cautiously optimistic regarding the NHL and NHLPA reaching a deal on a new CBA? Never mind. From a Backes tweet to Pierre LeBrun, according to TSN, comes this parade rainer-oner:

"We feel our newest proposal took a great step towards getting a deal done. It's too bad the owners don't feel that way and I fear that we may miss an extended amount of time now."

Fantastic. The issue is how the NHLPA proposes getting to the 50/50 revenue sharing split that the owners want. The Players' Association presented three different scenarios as to how to get to that point: gradual reductions over three years, five years, and an automatic switch to 50/50 if the NHL agrees to honor the contracts signed under the last CBA.

Gary Bettman was "disappointed" again today. How a lawyer can be disappointed with a request from people to have contracts honored is beyond me.