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Sam Bradford improves vs. Seahawks after disastrous start vs. Bears

Sam Bradford wasn't great against the Seattle Seahawks, but he could have been much worse.

David Welker - Getty Images

A reasonable argument could be made that Sam Bradford's best and worst performances in his young NFL career have both come in 2012. Week 2 against the Redskins saw the St. Louis Rams' quarterback go 26-for-35 for 310 yards and three touchdowns, narrowly outdueling Robert Griffin III—the quarterback the Rams could have drafted to replace him. Week 3 against the Bears, Rams fans riding high on Bradford's potential for the first time since early last year, he (and the rest of the Rams' offense) completely fell apart. Bradford finished 18-for-35 with a dismal 152 yards and two interceptions besides.

Week 4, Sam Bradford was... adequate. With Steven Jackson stifled against the Seahawks defense, Bradford went 16-for-30 with 221 yards and an interception. His Y/A is perhaps a little inflated by his 52-yard completion to Chris Givens, and Johnny Hekker threw the game's only touchdown pass. But with nothing else on the Rams working, Bradford and his receivers at least got the Rams into Greg Zuerlein's prodigious field goal range.

It's not that you couldn't ask for anything more—you certainly could, and Thursday against the Arizona Cardinals the Rams will. But you could definitely imagine less. And for Rams fans, sometimes that's enough.