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Chris Stewart Leaves German League For The Czech Extraliga

Well, that was quick. After eight games with the German club Eispiraten Crimmitschau and ten poings (three goals, nine assists) Chris Stewart is moving on. He and friend Wayne Simmonds only signed a month contract with the team, and apparently weren't impressed with the Second Bundesliga team. Or playing in the Second Bundesliga. Crimmitschau offered them a new deal after their one month contract was up, but sensing that more than just one more week of the season was going to be lost, both decided to try their luck elsewhere in a more competitive league. Via RantSports. com and Google Translate come the team's official statement:

The two NHL-loan Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart will leave the Eispiraten Crimmitschau early next week. Both players have decided shortly to change during the NHL lockout the club. Because of the already-limited 30-day contract with the West Saxons as early as mid next week runs out, the Ice Pirates have attempted to convince both of another commitment, but in the end accepted their request. Thus Simmonds and Stewart are already packing their bags on Monday.

Both are after the information Crimmitschauer change in the Czech Extraliga in order during the labor dispute in the NHL continues to gain match fitness. At the same time they want to further explore and Europe have thus found a new challenge. Those responsible for the Eispiraten Crimmitschau previously attempted both to further gain for prefixing their involvement in Crimmitschau order to cause the most unique time for all the fans, sponsors and those involved. They also enjoy all at the same time understanding the ultimate decision of Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart.

The Eispiraten Crimmitschau wish them both privately and sporting all the best and look forward to another great success for everyone. Be it for their new club, and in the might soon begin NHL season in North America. In addition, the Ice Pirates at Wayne and Chris, and their management to thank for the opportunity to work with them. For all the fans, sponsors and participants an absolute highlight in the history of hockey Crimmitschauer goes initially to the end. Since the change, as mentioned above, takes place at relatively short notice, the two NHL stars Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart will on Monday depart from Crimmitschau.

This is, I'm sure, a blow for Crimmitschau in their bid to hold a completely unfair advantage over the rest of the Second Bundesliga/