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Would You Watch Replacement NHL Players?

There've been rumors of some non-pro players going scab in playing for the NHL while the lockout goes on. Would you go see a team full of scab-Blues?

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

There has been some speculation that, as the NHL lockout drags on and games are canceled, that the owners will crack. No, not crack as in "cave to the players' demands," but crack as in fielding a product that could make some sort of money. This, of course, would be icing a team of non-NHL players. Non-contracted guys who are minor leaguers at best would, presumably, be clamoring for the chance to live out their dreams of playing in the NHL, no matter how brief those dreams are.

Of course, it'd be an inferior product. These guys'd be less identifiable than the guys who lace up the skates in the Blues' pre-season games. Yeah, they'd have the Note on the front, but does that make them an actual member of the Blues? It's a tough question, especially when hockey players and fans alike subscribe to the whole "crest on the front, not the name on the back" ideal.

Would fans be able to put aside the names on the back? Would you plunk down money for an inferior product? Even if you would, how much would you? Please vote in the poll beneath this post and give your feedback.