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Kevin Kolb still undefeated for Arizona Cardinals as John Skelton returns

This week: The Arizona Cardinals' Week 1 starting quarterback, John Skelton, returns to practice as a full participant after losing a month to injury 28 passes into the season. Next week: John Skelton gets on Wikipedia to read up about Wally Pipp.

The good news, if you're John Skelton, is that you didn't exactly get Pipped by Lou Gehrig. Kevin Kolb hasn't been outstanding in Skelton's stead—he was 29-for-48 in their narrow win over the Miami Dolphins, with a lukewarm 324 yards and two interceptions to go with his three touchdowns—but Skelton wasn't outstanding to win the job. And the Cardinals, for all their narrow victories and offensive problems, are 4-0, which is the kind of fragile thing in which few coaches are going to feel comfortable changing horses. (Skelton himself earned his starting cred under similar circumstances, game-managing for a team on a winning streak.)

And Kolb, who arrived as a free agent with more-than-a-little fanfare only to become a punchline, still has the whiff of a possible starter about him. Beneath the concussions and the subpar first season in town and the bizarre quarterback competition there's the memory that people were once excited about Kevin Kolb. They aren't right now, but nobody's ever been excited about John Skelton.