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Rams vs. Cardinals: Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola come out swinging, lead Arizona 7-0

Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola, and the St. Louis Rams haven't been on in primetime and a while—from the way they kicked off Thursday Night Football, though, it's clear that they'd like to be back. The Rams blew the doors off the Edward Jones Dome in the game's first two plays, with Bradford finding Brandon Gibson for 14 yards and then Danny Amendola for 44 more. A few plays later and Bradford had his fifth touchdown of the season, on a seven-yarder to tight end Lance Kendricks.

Kendricks had the touchdown, but Sam Bradford and Danny Amendola continue to be the story. Amendola, who blocked out Patrick Peterson and made a one-handed, falling-over grab for the reception, has left Rams fans wondering whether he might be more than a No. 1-by-default after all. Meanwhile, Bradford has stopped Rams fans from wondering about what might have been if they'd just kept the pick and taken Robert Griffin III.

Jeff Fisher and Brian Schottenheimer might have conservative reputations, but something—whether it was the prime time occasion or Steven Jackson's health—had them ready to gamble on their opening drive. So far they're in the money.