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Rams vs. Cardinals: Watch Danny Amendola's brilliant catch vs. Patrick Peterson

The St. Louis Rams got off to a startlingly fast start on Thursday Night Football, with Sam Bradford needing just four pass attempts (and a four-yard scramble) to get 69 yards and the game's first touchdown. Lance Kendricks got the touchdown, but the Rams' most impressive play came when Danny Amendola beat Patrick Peterson for a 44-yard reception that got them deep into Arizona Cardinals territory. Here's an animated GIF that you'll probably want to watch over and over.

One hand and a bicep, just like they teach you in pee-wee football. On the season Amendola has 32 receptions for 395 yards and two touchdowns. That's a significant improvement on the security-blanket Amendola we saw back in 2010—it took him 85 receptions to pick up three touchdowns and 689 yards.

In 2010, Sam Bradford's lock on Danny Amendola seemed more pathological than effective—he went to Amendola and the tight ends because he couldn't go, or wasn't trusted to go, anywhere else. In 2012, it's gone from illustrating a team liability to showing off both Rams' strengths.