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Nationals vs. Cardinals score: Washington strikes first on Kurt Suzuki single

Kurt Suzuki put the Washington Nationals on the board in Game 1 of the NLDS with an RBI single, leaving the St. Louis Cardinals to trail in each of their first two postseason games. Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals' ace, looks shaky through two inning, striking out four but also allowing two hits and two walks.

Wainwright has flashed an impeccable curveball through two innings, but he's struggled, at times, to get his sinking fastball into the strike zone. He hasn't struggled with throwing it, though—on his first-and-third strikeout to Danny Espinosa, after two consecutive curveballs for swinging strikes, he busted him inside with a 93-mile-an-hour fastball for called strike three.

Then, of course, he allowed a Suzuki single and walked opposite number Gio Gonzalez on four pitches. If he settles in, the Nationals are going to have a hard time adding another run to this early lead; if he doesn't, the Cardinals are going to have to get the bullpen going after five innings. Through an inning and a half, the Cardinals trail by a score of 1-0.