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Nationals vs. Cardinals score: Washington takes 3-2 lead on Pete Kozma error

For the second game in a row a Pete Kozma error complicated things for St. Louis Cardinals set-up man Mitchell Boggs. Kozma bobbled a grounder from Washington National leadoff man Mitchell Boggs, and while the Cardinals nearly got out of their eighth-inning jam for the second time in a row, pinch-hitter Tyler Moore singled off lefty specialist Marc Rzepczynski with two outs and two on to put the Nationals up 3-2 after the top of the eighth.

Kozma, who struggled with errors in the minor leagues, finds himself in the doghouse again after allowing the tying run to reach base. But the Cardinals trail for a variety of reasons, and their problems with runners in scoring position and driving in all the baserunners the Nationals gifted them have played just as acute a role in their inability to hold a tenuous 2-1 lead.

The Cardinals have two innings and home-field advantage to get back on top, but they'll need to show some hitting ability that they haven't managed thus far after two unearned runs finally spelled the end of their two-run lead. They'll see Tyler Clippard in the eighth with a chance to make the runs up.