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Nationals vs. Cardinals, 2012 NLDS Game 2: Time, TV schedule, starting pitchers and more

The Washington Nationals visit the St. Louis Cardinals for Game 2 of the National League Division Series Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. CDT. Here's how to tune in.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals will try to right the ship after an ugly loss Sunday when they take on the Washington Nationals in Game 2 of the NLDS at 3:30. Left-hander Jaime Garcia gets the start for the Cardinals, while the Nationals—having shut down Stephen Strasburg—will go to Jordan Zimmermann. The TV schedule says that pending further rain shenanigans, you'll find this one, like the rest of the series, on TBS. Enjoy the Big Bang Theory commercials, please.

The Cardinals lost 3-2 on Sunday after proving unable to capitalize on Gio Gonzalez's rough start; he walked seven batters, even throwing in a wild pitch to plate St. Louis's first run, but they managed just two second-inning runs on the Cy Young contender.

Jaime Garcia has been deceptively solid in 2012, especially since coming back from a midseason shoulder strain, but the Nationals' righty-heavy lineup means he won't get much out of being the Cardinals' lone southpaw; only Bryce Harper and Adam LaRoche bat lefty in their typical lineup.

Jordan Zimmermann, off his innings limited after 2011's return, continued to show off excellent control in his first full major league season. The Cardinals beat him once—they're the last team to do it—and lost to him back on September 29, not that there's much you can get out of 11 innings.