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Rams vs. 49ers score update: Overtime bomb to Danny Amendola negated by Rams' illegal formation

The St. Louis Rams lose an 80-yard bomb to Danny Amendola after the Rams inadvertently create an illegal formation.

David Welker

The St. Louis Rams nearly won their overtime contest against the San Francisco 49ers on their first play from scrimmage when Sam Bradford hit Danny Amendola for an 80-yard bomb that left him just short of the end zone. Austin Pettis's incorrect positioning on the line of scrimmage left a tackle as an eligible receiver, and when he failed to report the Rams were called for illegal formation. The Rams couldn't quite pick up the resulting 1st-and-15 and had to punt.

It's yet another brutal play for the Rams in a game that's already seen them lose their lead on an Isaiah Pead kick-return fumble. This is a team that's shown a lot of talent and a propensity to play until the whistle, but they've also looked impossibly raw and mistake-prone, especially at the margins.

Now that mistake-prone nature—that inexperience—looks like it could cost them an overtime win against the best team in the NFC West. Jeff Fisher will probably not be happy, whatever happens, and he shouldn't be; this was a winnable game, and the Rams have continually refused to win it.