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Danny Amendola rewards fantasy football faith in St. Louis Rams' tie game Sunday

Danny Amendola was key to the St. Louis Rams' tie game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in his first game back from injury. In fact—I'm sorry about this, fantasy football owners—he just missed winning it for them.

Thearon W. Henderson

So: Somehow, the St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers tied in Week 10. If it's any consolation, though, the Rams couldn't have, uh, almost done it without the return of Danny Amendola, who was outstanding in his return from collarbone injury. Fantasy football players who trusted him in his first week back were rewarded by an 11-catch, 102-yard performance on 12 targets. Of course, they almost got a game-busting 80-yard reception on the first play of overtime, too.

Unfortunately, it was called back—in one of many overtime miscues—on an illegal formation call that is kind of difficult to explain. After a missed 49ers field goal, and a missed Rams field goal, and a Chris Long sack, Amendola and company (and his fantasy football owners) had to settle for a tie in which both teams seemed desperate to maximize your disappointment.

With Sam Bradford looking stronger and Amendola getting healthier by the week—he was clearly uncomfortable at times on Sunday—we might continue to see good numbers for the Rams' number-one-by-default. I don't mean to get greedy, but hopefully we might also see them paired with the occasional win, too.