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Danario Alexander thrills San Diego Chargers fans again, making Rams fans yet more dejected

Danario Alexander has another huge game, which is just what Rams fans expected when he went to the San Diego Chargers.

J. Meric

Danario Alexander had a massive game on Sunday, which is exactly the kind of thing I expected as a Rams fan when St. Louis cut their injury-prone No. 1 in the preseason. In his second game as the San Diego Chargers' injury-designated No. 1 receiver Alexander caught five balls for 134 yards and a touchdown, the biggest game of his career.

It's impossible to know how much longer Danario Alexander will stay healthy, and because of that I can't feel too bad about the Rams letting him go. I'm glad he's having big games, no matter where he's having them, and I hope they continue. I wish for all the best for the people of Bolts from the Blue, who now have to worry about Alexander's knee for the duration. I really enjoyed his postgame tweet:

There. That's me being magnanimous. But it's about all of it I can take; secretly I do think the Rams should have waited around for him again. My hope is that Danario Alexander can continue to have a happy, healthy career, and I can continue to hear as little as possible about it until Brian Quick finishes turning into a healthy version of Danario Alexander. He only caught four fewer balls for 98 fewer yards this week!