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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Rams drop to No. 26

After being trampled by the New York Jets. St. Louis falls one spot in the rankings


After a hard-fought tie in San Francisco two weekends ago, the Rams lost any credibility in a 27-13 home loss to the Jets on Sunday. The Rams are now 3-6-1 and have dropped to No. 26 in SB Nation's Power Rankings. Writer Joe Thorman is beginning to question the personnel decisions in St. Louis:

It's kinda looking like Sam Bradford isn't the answer. Shouldn't he be showing more by now?

If the Rams fall any harder, they are going to hit rock bottom. On their way down, they could wave to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals had no trouble with the Chiefs' bumbling offense, winning 28-6. Kansas City is last in the rankings:

This team gets blown out more than anyone else.

The bright hope in the region is the Indianapolis Colts, whose playoff hopes are still intact even after being Belichick'd 59-24. The 6-4 Colts dropped four spots to number 14, but hope springs eternal:

The Colts' defense is their liability but they had been playing better in the month.