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Danny Amendola injury problems continue; can the St. Louis Rams count on their No. 1 receiver?

Two weeks after the St. Louis Rams got Danny Amendola back from injury they found themselves without him again in practice.

David Welker

The St. Louis Rams need Danny Amendola in 2012, but with every injury it seems more possible that the St. Louis Rams can't allow themselves to need Danny Amendola in 2013. Just two injury-plagued (and extremely effective) weeks after returning from a collarbone injury, the Rams found themselves without Amendola in practice on Wednesday, thanks to a new foot injury that cropped up during their Week 11 loss to the New York Jets.

The Rams have made aggressive moves about injury-prone No. 1 receivers twice in as many years--waiving Danario Alexander and Donnie Avery--and right now both are coming back to haunt them. Alexander caught seven balls for 96 yards and two touchdowns a week ago and five receptions for 134 yards the week before that, as the San Diego Chargers' new anchor; Donnie Avery has 41 receptions for 553 yards as a favorite target of rookie Andrew Luck, the role he was supposed to play for Sam Bradford back in 2010.

Those two cases are reason enough for the Rams to keep giving a very talented receiver chances to stay on the field. But every Danny Amendola injury makes it clearer that even if he's suddenly shown the ability to be a true No. 1 wide receiver for the Rams, he can't be the only one they count on to fill that role.