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Kevin Shattenkirk To Join TPS of SM-liiga

Break out your best "TPS reports" jokes, because Keven Shattenkirk will most certainly not be tired of hearing those anytime soon. Shattenkirk has decided to join TPS of the Finnish league SM-liiga to bide his time during the lockout.

The NHL's canceled games through December 14th, as well as January's All Star Game. The longer and longer the lockout drags on, the more the NHL's players need to be in some sort of playing condition, and playing in foreign leagues is a great way for non-AHL eligible players to do so. If the Blues want one of their top players to be in playing shape whenever this season begins, if it in fact does, then seeing Shattenkirk head to Finland is probably for the best.

He's in his last year of an entry level contract, and he, along with Alex Pietrangelo, were both hoping on star performances this year to boost their upcoming RFA deals.