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Danny Amendola injury: Does he still have fantasy football upside after foot problems?

Does Danny Amendola still have any fantasy football upside after dealing with what look like lingering foot problems?

Norm Hall

Fantasy football good news-bad news time. The foot injury Danny Amendola suffered in Week 11 against the New York Jets—his second game back from an ostensibly more severe collarbone injury—was mild enough that he played through it at the time and appeared again in Week 12, but it's limited him enough that he took just seven snaps in last week's win over the Arizona Cardinals. (Of course, his one catch was for 38 yards.) Then, right on cue, he was back in a walking boot and out of the St. Louis Rams' Wednesday practice.

He'll probably play, which is good news. The bad news, fantasy football owners, is that you're now stuck having to make a decision between Danny Amendola, who could be affected by this foot injury for the rest of the season, and your totally healthy backup. (In my case, for extra Rams intrigue, that's the inexplicably resurgent Danario Alexander.)

If Amendola returns to practice as a full participant by the end of the week—and earns, say, Jeff Fisher's beloved "questionable" tag on Friday's injury report—this could all be moot. But right now Danny Amendola's foot injury looks like something he can play through, but not something he can shake off. And that's a volatile fantasy football mix.