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Blues' Forward Alex Steen Hurt While Playing For Modo

Poor Alex Steen can't catch a break. He's been playing very well in the SEL with Modo, netting five goals to go along with nine assists in just 15 games played, but he'll be out for three weeks thanks to a "thigh tear."

Fantastic. Three weeks isn't that long -- it's enough time for Steen to heal before he plays any NHL games, since the lockout is starting to look like it'll drag on for at least another month. But still, Blues fans have a legitimate cause for concern when Steen is injured. He's one of the Blues' offensive strong-points, as well as someone who can play on the PK and keep the puck out of the Blues' zone at even strength. This is the last player the Blues need to be injured yet again; honestly, I couldn't tell you who the first would be.