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Is Sam Bradford really just the 3rd-best quarterback in the NFC West?

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Is the St. Louis Rams' erstwhile franchise savior really behind Alex Smith and Russell Wilson?


Over at ESPN's NFC West blog Mike Sando is once again the bearer of bad St. Louis Rams news: Just in case you haven't thought about Sam Bradford being a disappointment in this particular way, he might well be the third-best quarterback in the NFC West. That's right: Sam Bradford has a lower QBR, through half of his third season in the league, than fellow No. 1 disappointment Alex Smith and shielded Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson.

The good news: He's at least better than Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. Do you ever get the feeling that if it weren't for the concussions, Kurt Warner would still be the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback at 42 years old?

In Bradford's defense—though I'm not sure you really can defend Sam Bradford against Russell Wilson once you find yourself needing to—he's a larger part of the offense than Wilson is; Wilson's averaging 26 pass attempts a game for the Seahawks, while Bradford averages 31. It's helpful, as a rookie, to have Marshawn Lynch—on pace for 329 carries and 1566 yards—to hide behind.

But as the Rams improve around him, Bradford's struggled to keep pace. It's by no means time to think about replacing him, but it's telling that we've already thought about thinking that.