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Rams vs. Bills, Week 14: St. Louis fans critique Rams' performance in win

The St. Louis Rams defeated the Buffalo Bills Sunday, but Rams fans found plenty of issues with their team in an ugly game.

Rick Stewart

The St. Louis Rams defeated the Buffalo Bills, 15-12, on Sunday. After an ugly game, Rams fans had plenty of reasons to critique their team's performance.

The St. Louis offense managed just 285 yards and two touchdowns against Buffalo, with the winning score coming 48 seconds from the final whistle. According to Douglas M of Turf Show Times, SB Nation's Rams blog, the offensive line was the main reason St. Louis struggled to move the ball:

The Rams offensive line had been playing really well the last couple weeks. Against the Bills they not only couldn't get on track, but were quite literally smacked around. No running lanes, and Bradford spent the day running for his life. The Bills defensive tackles dominated the middle of the line, and Mario Williams picked up another sack. The Rams have serious issues on offense.

In addition to the offensive line issues, Douglas M found that the Rams' coaching staff was severely outcoached by Chan Gaily and Co. That made a game that should have been a sure-fire win remain in doubt until the last second ticked off the clock:

The Rams coaching staff has been out-coached a few times this season, and today was another one of those days. They displayed little creativity is base offensive and defensive game plans. Road games are tough to coach when the team is filled with rookies. The Rams looked mono-dimensional at times, especially on offense. I give Jeff Fisher and Co. a big "C-" today. This was a VERY winnable game made to look far tougher than it should have. But a win's a win, right? A second road win of the year is nice, but this game should be put in a drawer and locked away.

In the end, Rams fans should be happy to have a win, but St. Louis didn't do anything to instill confidence in its fan base going forward:

Yes, the Rams won...Huzzah! Playoff dreams live! Hurrah! But when it comes right down to it, if the Rams continue to play this way, a trip to the post season will be the fault of another team imploding more than it will be this team impressing. I've never felt this indifferent to a Rams win in all my years as a fan...