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This Danario Alexander dunking GIF will make your heart hurt even more

The St. Louis Rams' erstwhile leper—and the San Diego Chargers' best wide receiver—windmill dunks a football after scoring a touchdown. He also lands on his left knee.

Joe Sargent

Danario Alexander is the best wide receiver on the San Diego Chargers. That might be an exaggeration, and it might be a small sample size, but it's not an outrageous thing to say—he was, after all, the best wide receiver on the St. Louis Rams. Here is an animated GIF of him doing a windmill dunk on some field goal uprights, during a game in which he caught seven balls for 88 yards and two touchdowns. Trigger warning: It will make you happy, because he's healthy, and sad, because he was never healthy before. (Via Robert Mays.)


It is probably not news to say that Danario Alexander is an enormously talented NFL wide receiver. Watch him land on his left leg, as if to say, "Remember when I could never play two games in a row? Now I am the best wide receiver on the San Diego Chargers, and have caught five touchdowns and gone for nearly 500 yards over my last five games. Which happened one right after the other."

At least, I think that's what he's saying; he's wearing a helmet. Plus it's hard to do any really serious lip-reading through the hot, bitter tears streaming down my face.