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St. Louis Rams' draft options slim at wide receiver as playoff hopes get brighter

The St. Louis Rams' 2013 NFL Draft plan continues to revolve--among mock-drafters, at least--around offensive linemen and wide receivers. But as they push toward an unlikely playoff bid, they fall further down the first round.


The St. Louis Rams' position in the 2013 NFL Draft slips with every improbable win, morale-boosting performance, and confusing tie, which is the kind of thing welfare reformers get furious about. But with Daniel Patrick Moynihan unavailable and the Rams continuing to play well, Jeff Fisher and company will just have to deal with it. At Turf Show Times 3k has his wide receiver big board up; the good news, at least if you're 3k, is that his pick for best WR on the board is actually the same one Todd McShay mocked to the Rams this week.

That's Keenan Allen, the Cal wide receiver. He's already declared he'll be foregoing his senior season in favor of the draft, and he was briefly the favorite to be the first wide receiver chosen in 2013 before a knee injury prematurely ended his college career.

You might find that worrying, but the Rams apparently don't--after all, Chris Givens, their breakout rookie at wideout from this year's class, has two surgically repaired ACLs. Allen's injury wasn't nearly as severe, but it could be enough to push him down to the Rams in the middle of the first if one of the other frontrunners makes the inevitable post-combine charge up big board everywhere.