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Danny Amendola injury-free as fantasy football concludes

Danny Amendola is out of the injury report business, and Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams showed no patience in going back to him. Which is good news, if you're in the business of still caring about fantasy football.

Christian Petersen

The St. Louis Rams are not a subtle team, and their lack of subtlety could help your fantasy football team one last time. When they were good they were visibly and ostentatiously good, showing off an offense so intricate and bizarre that Mike Martz hasn't been able to make it work all at once since. Once they decided to be bad they went all the way--botched draft picks, an offense that failed in such intricate and bizarre ways that Marc Bulger hasn't been seen since. Danny Amendola is one of the Rams' current all-or-nothing propositions: He's missed much of the 2012 season with foot and collarbone injuries,but when he's available the Rams aren't afraid to target him 12 times, as they did last week.

Now he's not just available--he's not injured, so not-injured that Jeff Fisher won't even bother suggesting we have no way of knowing whether he's going to play or not.

And given how often the Rams went to him last week, when he was only mostly not-injured, I think he's finally a guilt-free fantasy football option. Of course, a fat lot of good it'll do you now, after he's been a highly guilt-inducing fantasy football option for a month and a half.