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Seahawks vs. Rams halftime score: St. Louis takes 7-3 lead into 2nd half at Seattle

In a game that's been dictated by defense, the St. Louis Rams have a narrow lead against the Seattle Seahawks at halftime.

J. Meric

The St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks found themselves locked in a defensive showdown through the first half of their Week 17 regular-season-ender, with the Rams' pass-rushers menacing a very accurate Russell Wilson and Steven Jackson getting free just long enough to cross 1,000 yards for the eighth straight season and facilitate the Rams' one scoring drive, which culminated in a two-yard touchdown pass from Sam Bradford to Austin Pettis.

As good as the Rams' defense has been, they'll be better served if they can stop some of the Seahawks' offensive gains before they make them--the sacks have masked Wilson's 8.11 Y/A and Marshawn Lynch's eight carries for 66 yards, but that kind of feast-or-famine defense is eventually going to lead to some kind of Seahawks feast.

For now, though--however it's working, it's working. Despite a healthy Danny Amendola, Bradford has completed passes to seven separate receivers, so far, and targeted even more. Jackson has four catches for 23 yards, while Chris Givens broke a short pass for 37 yards in the key play of the Rams' touchdown drive. For more score updates, injury news, and analysis, stick around on this SB Nation St. Louis stream or visit Turf Show Times.