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Rams vs. Seahawks score update: Sam Bradford, Isaiah Pead(!) lead St. Louis to game-tying field goal

The St. Louis Rams call on the nearly forgotten Isaiah Pead to tie the game late.

This is what Isaiah Pead looks like, reportedly.
This is what Isaiah Pead looks like, reportedly.
Jamie McDonald

Just in case you didn't realize it was Week 17, the St. Louis Rams barreled downfield against a stiff Seattle Seahawks defense thanks in part to five carries for 21 yards from Isaiah Pead, their second-round rookie running back who lost his job to Daryl Richardson in the preseason and has been almost invisible ever since. Greg Zuerlein chipped a 25-yard field goal at the end of a drive that was promising more, tying the score at 13 with a little more than 10 minutes left to go in the fourth quarter.

Sam Bradford has been--well, as opaque as usual. His numbers betray the conservatism of the Rams' offense; he's 21-for-31 for 205 yards and a touchdown, having made few mistakes but also gotten the Rams into the end zone just once. He looked good on the Rams' drive, showing a good rapport with Brandon Gibson, who's got three catches for 45 yards, but his red zone struggles continued.

Luckily for the Rams, the Seahawks have also proved less than stellar at turning yards into points. Russell Wilson is 12-for-15 for 183 yards and five carries 25 on the ground, and Marshawn Lynch has 12 carries for 77 more, and they still find themselves tied 13-13 with a Rams offense that is suddenly dependent on Isaiah Pead. Week 17, everybody.