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Rodger Saffold injury: St. Louis Rams lose LT again vs. Buffalo Bills

The St. Louis Rams might have lost offensive lineman Rodger Saffold to another injury vs. the Buffalo Bills.

The scene after Rodger Saffold's Week 1 injury
The scene after Rodger Saffold's Week 1 injury
Leon Halip

The St. Louis Rams might have to deal with another Rodger Saffold injury against the Buffalo Bills; Wayne Hunter is into the game at left tackle after Saffold went down at the end of the third quarter with what appeared to be a leg injury. There's no word yet as to just how serious the injury is, but the Rams' trainers and coach Jeff Fisher were on the field after the play to check him out.

Hunter, whom the Rams acquired for Jason Smith in a disappointing offensive lineman challenge trade, made four starts this year with Saffold injured early. He hasn't been conspicuously terrible, but the Rams' offense has looked to be in a bit of disarray in the immediate aftermath of the injury. Saffold, meanwhile, is still on the sidelines, helmet off, standing under his own power.

That's all we know right now. But stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis's storystream for more injury updates and worrying about whether the Rams will be able to ever trust Rodger Saffold after such an injury plagued year, because panic is what we do best.