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David Backes Flies Himself to Houston To Rescue Strays

Is there nothing that Blues captain David Backes can’t do? He used the All-Star break to help out three pups in need of a second chance, Emmitt, Lincoln and Ernie. If you thought that driving with a dog in the car can be exasperating, try flying a plane with three of them in it (along with your wife and flight instructor).


That’s exactly what Backes did last weekend. He and his wife Kelly flew to Houston to pick up the trio. They brought them home to the 5 Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, which Mrs. Backes volunteers at. The eight hour trip was completed safe and sound. Backes doesn’t yet have his license – he’s still on a provisional training one – but when he gets it I wouldn’t be amazingly shocked to be reading about things like this more often.