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Blues At Flames: St. Louis, Calgary Both Small Movers At Trade Deadline

Tonight's game against the Calgary Flames holds more poignancy for them than for St. Louis. The Flames sit three points out of the eighth seed, a spot that they held not very long ago.

The Blues've been on a bit of a roll recently... or really, all season if you want to get nitpicky. They've won eight of the past eleven games and haven't lost three games in regulation in a row all season. They've won the first two games on this roadtrip in hard-fought shooutouts, a symptom of a tuired team in need of some recovery.

They've had more than enough time to decompress between tonight's game and Saturday afternoon's 3-2 shootout win against the Winnipeg Jets. The Calgary Flames, however, haven't been able to decompress. They're still fighting for some sort of playoff position. They were in eighth place not too long ago, and then lost three games in a row, falling back out of the race.

This is a good chance for the Blues to hop up into a tie with the Detroit Red Wings for first in the Central Division. Obviously, the season isn't anywhere near being over, but it's always nice to be able to fight for the top spot. Calgary hasn't had that feeling in years, but tonight they're honoring an alumnus who was there when they won it all. Al MacInnis is being honored by being named to their "Forever a Flame" jersey honor circle. It's not the same as a number retirement, as MacInnis should be honored with, but it's still a nice gesture to someone who played such a huge role in leading Calgary to their only Stanley Cup win.

The Blues traditionally have a heck of a time in Calgary, allowing eight goals in their last three games there, but with the way that the Flames are playing, it looks like it's time for a change.