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The Promise Of Blues Tickets Is Being Used To Buy Votes, And This Is A Good Thing

Lobbyists. What a nasty word to hear in an election year. I mean, look at those people, doing their job buying stuff to give to politicians to buy votes. That should be illegal! Wait, in most states it is, but not in Missouri (and obviously not in Washington DC).


Harrison Mooney of Puck Daddy did some nifty investigative work based on this Jake Wagman blog post in the Post-Dispatch regarding the Blues being the hot ticket this year for politicians. The Rams are done, the Cards are off, so it stands to reason that the Blues are the show to see. Mooney looked at the amount spent on tickets every year in relation to how the Blues’re doing. The drop-off between the year after the surprise playoff trip and the 2010-2011 season is extremely sharp, but the highlight is of course this season.


So far, expenditures involving the Blues is at $4186, and that’s just through the end of December. If their great quality of play continues and a deep playoff run is in the future, look for that number to go up.


On a related note, who in the world at AT&T loves hockey so much?