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Super Bowl 2012 Odds And Line: Patriots Narrow Favorites Over Giants Entering Super Bowl Sunday

According to, the New England Patriots have the edge in scoring points, preventing scores, passing yards, rushing yards and rush defense, yet the spread for the Super Bowl XVLI is as close as could be:

Opening Spread:

The only advantages the New York Giants hold over the Patriots include their passing defense -- which has allowed almost 40 fewer yards per game than the Patriots' D -- and, perhaps most importantly, their turnover differential, which stands at -0.4 to the Pats' -1.1.

Interestingly, the Giants enter the 2012 Super Bowl with a negative point differential, scoring 24.6 on average while allowing 25.0 points per game this season. Combined with the Patriots offense, averaging 32.1 points per game, the two teams have averaged 56.7 points per game, making for potentially high scoring Super Bowl:

Opening Over/Under: 55

For full odds and lines, head over the hub for Super Bowl XVLI odds.

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