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March Madness 2012: SB Nation's Bomani Jones Offers His Playful 2012 NCAA Tournament Primer

The St. Louis Billikens made it to the 2012 NCAA Tournament, but can they contribute to the March Madness? It's time to get acquainted with SB Nation's coverage on the web and on You Tube in order to find out.

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March Madness has something unexpected to offer every single year, so is the Cinderella team of the 2012 NCAA Tournament going to be the St. Louis Billikens? The Memphis Tigers and Michigan State Spartans represent huge obstacles, but at least one team always turns heads with great play during the first week. SB Nation's Bomani Jones thinks most of the teams in the field look incredibly similar. So much so that the office secretary could win the pool by picking her favorite teams colors.

Want to make sure you don't lose out to the office secretary? Follow all of SB Nation's coverage online and on You Tube, check out the video below and make sure to get your own SB Nation printable NCAA Bracket.


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