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NCAA Tournament 2012: Mizzou Fans React To Saint Louis Win After Upset

March Madness has struck St. Louis in a peculiar way already: Friday saw our indigenous underdogs, the Saint Louis Billikens, win their first NCAA tournament game since 1998, but it also saw the Missouri Tigers—the biggest game in town, and your correspondent's alma mater besides—lose in a truly depressing shocker. The reaction from this turnabout has been... varied.

Pleasant surprise (from the Chief Executive Bear!):

Sudden sibling angst:

Bandwagon high alert:

And, of course, brash, ironic swagger:

Oh, and bandwagon jumping:

More, after the jump.

Disbelief about your lack of disbelief:

Further angst detailing:

And, finally, gratuitous Quin Snyder references:

Which was probably worst of all, for Mizzou fans.