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NCAA Bracket 2012: Michigan State Draws Tough Saint Louis Billikens Squad Ahead Of Sweet 16

The Saint Louis Billikens aren't exactly an established basketball powerhouse, but the No. 1 Michigan State Spartans still could have hoped for a better 2012 NCAA bracket draw than the one that has Rick Majerus's Billikens positioned between them and a Sweet 16 berth. SLU showed off its complete game plan in their Round 2 win over the Memphis Tigers—they held onto the ball, they slowed the game down, and they made the shots they took. They'll be trying the same thing against Tom Izzo and company, though they'll hardly be able to hope for another performance like Kwamain Mitchell's March Madness debut.

The Spartans are clear favorites here, but the Billikens have a very real chance to make program history—and to cement Majerus's reputation as a great college coach. The Spartans won't be intimidated, but if SLU can dictate the pace again they should be concerned.

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