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Michigan State Vs. Saint Louis: Draymond Green Demands A Clean Court (Video)

Nobody was happy to see the Saint Louis Billikens lose 65-61 to the Michigan State Spartans with a Sweet 16 berth in the 2012 NCAA Tournament seemingly within their reach, but if it had to happen, at least it happened against a college star who understands the value of a clean house. Draymond Green, the Spartans' triple-double-threat, took over the mopping in the closing seconds of the Round of 32 matchup, keeping the paint clean for whoever used it next.

So polite! His form isn't quite orthodox, but you can tell he's a 100-percent kind of player. A full video follows the jump.

More SLU video and multimedia coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, where we're required to do all our own mopping: