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Kendall Marshall Injury: Marshall To Have Surgery, Will Likely Miss Sweet 16

The North Carolina Tar Heels cruised to a victory over the Creighton Blue Jays on Sunday, but disaster struck in the second half when star point guard Kendall Marshall fractured part of his right wrist as he braced his fall after being fouled by Creighton's Ethan Wragge. According to a report by CBS Sports' Gary Parrish, Marshall will have surgery on Monday and is hopeful to suit up on Friday night when the Tar Heels take on the Ohio Bobcats. That last part is probably wishful thinking, though, as Parrish also reported that those close to UNC consider it "unlikely" that he'll be ready to go.

SB Nation's medical expert Ali Mohamadi echoes that sentiment, stating in his article regarding the Marshall injury that it would be nearly impossible for Marshall to be ready to play less than a week after surgery:

Based on all the data concerning proper management and healing of a scaphoid fracture with surgery, it would seem that in the absolute best-case scenario -- a perfect storm of favorable factors regarding the specifics of the fracture -- it is theoretically possible that Marshall could be fitted for a splint and play through the significant pain and risks associated with re-injury if the Tar Heels make the Final Four.

Assuming Marshall can't go, Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams will likely hand the reigns to the little used combination of Justin Watts and Stilman White, a duo that has combined to average only 10 minutes a game and has made only 22 of their combined 63 shots taken.

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