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March Madness 2012, North Carolina Vs. Kansas: Roy Williams Choked Up Over Matchup

Just in case you were worried the media wouldn't have enough March Madness storylines for you this year—just in case you fretted over the possibility that every trip to your 2012 NCAA bracket might not provoke an emotional reaction—just in case you were terrified that the tournament might turn into nothing more than a series of basketball games, the bracket gods have conspired to put Roy Williams and his North Carolina Tar Heels in the same bracket as his erstwhile Kansas Jayhawks. He is a little broken up about it.

This report out of New Orleans does a nice job of deepening the situation—especially by interviewing Bill Self, and touching on his equally impressive performance as coach in the years since 2003. That might be the toughest part for Roy Williams, though I'm sure he wouldn't admit it; since he's left, the Jayhawks have done a fair bit of repudiating his reputation as a genius, or at least confirming Bill Self's reputation for same.

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