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Kansas Vs. North Carolina Halftime Score: Thomas Robinson Leads Jayhawks, Game Tied At 47

The Kansas Jayhawks and North Carolina Tar Heels are going at each other's necks for a trip to the Final Four, and at halftime the score is tied at 47.

Kansas appeared to have gone on a bit of a run after the score was tied at 31. The Jayhawks went on a 10-2 run from there, but the Tar Heels fought their way back with defense and three-point play opportunities like this one:



For Kansas, Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor have both reached double figures in scoring, with Robinson putting in 14 points at the break and Taylor with 11. Both teams are shooting high percentages from the field. The Jayhawks are shooting 54.5 percent while the Tar Heels are shooting 61.8 percent from the floor.

North Carolina, once again, is without its point guard Kendall Marshall, but seem to be getting along just fine without him. James Michael McAdoo leads the way for the Heels at halftime with 10 points.

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