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NCAA Final Four 2012: Kansas Owes Home-Court Advantage Vs. UNC To Bracket

The Kansas Jayhawks are moving on to the 2012 NCAA Final Four, where they'll face the Ohio State Buckeyes. It's all thanks to their win—by a second-half-influenced score of 80-67 against the North Carolina Tar Heels—but was that at all thanks to their Midwest regional placement in St. Louis? St. Louis and Lawrence are hardly on speaking terms most of the year, but the Tar Heels fans', at the edge of what could reasonably be considered the Midwest, were overwhelmed by a wild KU crowd. They got home-court advantage by default.

It's hard to suggest that as a reason for their win—I'd probably lead off with Tyshawn Taylor's performance, if I were trying to come up with reasons—but it is an odd artifact of the seeding process.

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