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Final Four 2012: Kansas's Thomas Robinson A Unanimous All-American

March Madness has been concentrated, by means of the 2012 NCAA Tournament, into this year's Final Four, and Kansas Jayhawks fans are probably too busy to notice, but it's happened anyway: Junior star Thomas Robinson has been named an AP All-American—more impressively, he was named that unanimously. After two years with limited playing time, Robinson has emerged in 2011-12 fully formed, averaging 17.7 points and 11.8 rebounds and finishing second in the Big 12 with a PER of 27.8.

With Markieff and Marcus Morris gone, Robinson was always a candidate to have this kind of season, but it's been impressive to watch anyway. Now, with just two games separating him from the National Championship, he has a chance to top his season off with a little Kansas immortality.

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