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Final Four 2012 Schedule: Louisville Vs. Kentucky Kicks Off Last March Madness Leg

The 2012 Final Four is finally about to begin, and if your love of March Madness is strictly calendar-based this is the last gig on the schedule for you and the 2012 NCAA Tournament: The National Championship will be all the way in April, which has no easily alliterative name for temporary insanity. Louisville vs. Kentucky is the first leg of the action, with the heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats just a No. 4 seed away from their long-awaited championship appearance; the champion of the Midwest regional, Kansas, will take on Ohio State later. Time and TV broadcast information:

For 2012 Final Four coverage all night, stick to SB Nation St. Louis's March Madness storystream; their you'll find score updates, complaining about Saint Louis University's lot in life, and even a printable Final Four bracket, if you're tired of looking at all the scratching-out on your original copy.