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Final Four 2012: Enjoy This Anthony Davis Porn, Fellow NBA Fans

Before I got into baseball I was—and I'm not at all ashamed to admit this—a huge NBA fan. As a kid college basketball was just something to watch to see who would get drafted and play next October. With that in mind, I hope my fellow NBA fans are enjoying this 2012 FInal Four slate, if for no reason other than to watch Anthony Davis do stereotypically Anthony Davis things for the Kentucky Wildcats. He's 6-7, because one of the things he does is be ridiculously efficient, with 11 rebounds, five blocks, and 15 points. He also did this:



He's a freshman. He won All The Awards. Some team is going to be very happy about winning the draft lottery, if I had to guess. And if you watch college basketball for reasons that extend beyond next year's NBA rookie of the year contenders, he's also doing some impressive things against the No. 4 Louisville Cardinals—the team you see there in neon orange, watching him go over that guy's back backwards.