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Blue Jackets At Blues Second Period Score: Blues Can't Catch Breaks, Down 3-2

A late period post shot from Alex Pietrangelo that clearly did not go in delayed the game for several minutes and gave the fans false hope that the Blues could only be down by one goal. Alas, the second period did not go the Blues’ way, much like the first. They don’t look sharp and they don’t look like they have much oomph (save for Scott Nichol going after Jared Boll in a massive size disparity fight). Thankfully, David Perron avenged Pietrangelo’s post shot to actually keep the Blues within striking distance.

RJ Umberger scored his second goal of the game thanks to the fact that Jaroslav Halak was pinned to the ice with a few Blue Jackets on him. Apparently this is a legal play.

Pietrangelo’s post (and premature horn) were made just an afterthought by David Perron, his 19th of the year. Pietrangelo got his 38th assist of the season on this nifty move:

The Blues are up 26-19 on shots. They need to tighten up this last period to get that division title. The Blackhawks are currently up on the Nashville Predators 4-2, so they’re actually helping the Blues out here a bit. Now the Blues need to help themselves.