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NCAA National Championship Schedule: Kentucky, Kansas Tip Off In Primetime

It's April 2, and March Madness is—well, stay with me here—March Madness is just about to end. On 8:23 p.m. CDT the Kansas Jayhawks and the heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats will come together in the Louisiana Superdome for the end of the tournament, the 2012 NCAA National Championship. You'll find it on CBS.

This is just me speaking as an NBA fan, but I'm mostly going to be watching the proceedings for the sake of Anthony Davis and his absurd dunks and his implausibly long arms. Do I feel a little weird that he's spent a year in college basketball camp because the NBA has barred high-schoolers from participating in the draft, thereby perpetuating a corrupt cartel? Well, yes. But it's happening, and you have exactly one more chance to watch the kid dominate at an artificially low level of competition.

For more on the 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket, take a good, long look around SB Nation's NCAA Tournament hub, where they've been covering this year's tournament since before Anthony Davis was born.

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