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2012 National Championship, Kentucky Vs. Kansas Score Update: Thomas Robinson Struggles As Jayhawks Trail

Thomas Robinson, the Kansas Jayhawks' unanimous AP All-American, has struggled along with the rest of his team as they trail the Kentucky Wildcats in a suffocating second-half of the 2012 NCAA National Championship; he's 4-14 with 10 points and eight rebounds as the Jayhawks attempt to fight through a double-digit deficit in a low-scoring contest. Anthony Davis's offensive struggles haven't been enough to dent the Wildcats, but without Robinson Kansas has little shot against the country's No. 1 team. Thus far it looks like Kansas's March Madness run might suffer an ignominious April end as they trail 46-30.

Overall the Jayhawks are just 12-39 from the field; they've managed to slow the pace, as is customary, but the Wildcats are the ones who've taken advantage; they held the Jayhawks to just 27 points in the first half.

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