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2012 NCAA Tournament Results: Kentucky Wildcats Win National Championship, Top Kansas 67-59

The Kentucky Wildcats did exactly what was expected of them Monday, winning the 2012 NCAA Tournament with a 67-59 national championship win over the Kansas Jayhawks. Anthony Davis was just 1-10 from the field, but he still grabbed 16 rebounds and altered shots all game. That was representative of the Jayhawks' night; whatever they did, it just wasn't enough to stop this monstrous Kentucky team. March Madness ended as expected: In April, with Kentucky the last team standing.

Doron Lamb led all scorers with 22 points; Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor led Kansas with 18 and 19 points, while Robinson added 17 rebounds. But after a slow start—they fell behind 41-27 at the half—the Jayhawks simply couldn't make up the deficit against Kentucky.

For more on the 2012 NCAA National Championship, you're going to want to take a look at SB Nation's YouTube channel, which is filled with more analysis than you'll likely be able to watch in one sitting: